CLM Consultants is a rapidly expanding company with a highly motivated team of specialists from many fields and specialties working together. CLM Consultants Limited offers you a range of management consulting services.

As part of our information technology (IT) and business intelligence (BI) solutions, we offer consulting services in the areas of monitoring, evaluation, and learning digitalization, as well as user-friendly digital technologies.

Our research services help businesses and organizations to collect quality data, conduct advanced data analysis and interpret the results, develop business and program data demand and use, and identify promising practices to nature them into best practices.

We are proud that numerous of our on-call professionals have worked with well-known companies. The more projects we collaborate on with international and bilateral funders and non-profit organizations, the more we look for excellent people to join our diversified team.

Strategic Customer-centered Services

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) systems

  • Developing digital monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) systems using KoBoToolbox or Google sheets and Ms-Power BI software.
  • Developing digital M&E systems using KoBoToolbox or Google sheets and Ms-Power BI software.
  • Developing M&E data analytics and visualization using Ms-Power BI software.
  • Designing Key Performance Indicators in Management Information Systems (KPI-MIS),
  • Strengthening Key Performance Indicators Management Information Systems (KPI-MIS),
  • Design Data Analytics and Visualization using Ms-Power BI.

Community-led monitoring systems

  • Developing Community-led monitoring (CLM) data analytics and visualization using Ms-Power BI software.
  • Community-Led Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (CoLMEAL) data analytics and visualization using Ms-Power BI software.
  • Facilitate the development of a CoLMEAL capacity-building framework for NGO staff and partners.
  • Facilitate joint proposals development on CoLMEAL integration into project designs.
  • Facilitate community-led updates and development of policies and guidance on their CoLMEAL process


Data Management and Organizational Performance

  • Designing and managing mobile M&E data collection,
  • Perform Thematic Data analysis,
  • Evaluation Research,
  • Project Evaluation,
  • Organizational Capacity Assessment (OCA),
  • Organizational Data Management Strategy


  • Our knowledge of monitoring systems helps you manage, track, analyze, and report on your progress.
  • Our monitoring services guide businesses and organizations to develop, monitor, and implement effective business and programs, strengthen business and program research and evaluation capacity, and make evidence-based decision making.



  • Our rigorous evaluation methods reveal what works and why in your initiatives, programs, and organizations.
  • Our evaluation services help businesses and organizations to measure business and program impact, innovatively improve business programming, and monitor the outcomes.


  • Our digital consultancy identifies your digital needs and develops concepts and solutions that are client-centered.

BI solutions

  • Our tailored BI solutions help you analyze your intervention’s reach and streamline data strategy and M&E for better results and learning.

IT solutions

  • Our tailored IT solutions help you contact more people and make data management and M&E easier.


MEL Consulting Services for a functional MEL system 

CLM Consultants Ltd fosters the implementation of good MEL systems, which are premised on three key points: a) the culture and context of the organization; b) the theory of change and c) learning moments (where practical learning and adaptation occurs).


Monitoring the progress and impact is essential for the transparent, accountable, and informed management of your projects, programs, and interventions. If you want to analyze your capability for efficient and effective monitoring, improve existing monitoring mechanisms, or set up a new monitoring system, CLM Consultants Ltd is your partner.

CLM Consultants Ltd develops digital monitoring mechanisms and systems and provides organizational development support that enables you to easily track and analyze your progress, produce an effective report on your achievements, and make evidence-based decisions. We provide expertise in all aspects related to monitoring – among others, we support you in the following strategic areas: –

  • Theory of change & results models: Developing a solid theory of change as a basis for your monitoring
  • Indicators: Identifying and formulating indicators allowing the measurement of your qualitative and quantitative data
  • Data collection: Identifying relevant and accessible data sources and developing adequate, efficient data collection methods
  • Data transformation, processing, and analysis: Effectively processing and analyzing collected data to gain the insights you need
  • Reporting: Developing convincing reports on your progress and achievements
  • Organizational development: Analyzing your capability and readiness for robust monitoring and providing organizational recommendations
  • Results communication: Finding the best way to communicate and visualize your results
  • Capacity development: Increasing your monitoring capacities through tailored capacity development measures
  • BI Solutions: Business intelligence solutions serve to retrieve, process, analyze and report data for making informed business decisions. CLM Consultants Ltd facilitates developing BI solution key features, which can be integrated into multiple data sources, AI-driven data prep and analysis, controlled data access, scheduled & ad-hoc reporting, interactive visualization.
  • IT Solutions: From customized Excel sheets to web-based systems and mobile apps, CLM Consultants Ltd develops digital solutions that make your monitoring more user-friendly, efficient, and effective. We assist you in selecting the best option. To meet your specific requirements, we can build and facilitate its implementation.


Institutional learning requires evaluations against pre-defined objectives. Preliminary, interim, and final evaluations using credible procedures are essential. CLM Consultants Ltd is your partner.

CLM Consultants Ltd evaluates your projects, programs, strategies, or organizational performance to deliver pragmatic lessons learned and recommendations. We base our evaluations on the most suitable methodology for your needs. Our evaluation expertise covers the full range of possible evaluation approaches – from pragmatic to very scientific approaches. Our services include: 

  • Theory of change and results models: Develop a solid theory of change and results models to ensure the evaluability of your intervention. Triangulating information across existing sources, ad-hoc surveys, and targeted data collection
  • Methodologies according to international standards: Applying existing international standards used by OECD-DAC, DCED, EU, GIZ, World Bank, SDC, etc.
  • Counterfactual-based evaluations: Implementing counterfactual-based evaluations by using experimental and quasi-experimental evaluation designs
  • Theory-based evaluations: Implementing theory-based evaluations based on psychological behavioral models, e.g., Theory of Planned Behavior and Goal Setting Theory
  • Survey designs: Developing surveys leading to a common understanding between the evaluation team and the client and user-friendly data collection. Analyzing different data sources to provide routine data quality assessments – Using complex analytics to routinely compute complex indicators
  • Capacity development: Increasing your evaluations capacities through tailored capacity development measures. Directly utilizing activity tracking processes to calculate M&E framework indicators-extracting data in specific, ready-to-report formats.
  • BI Solutions: Business intelligence solutions serve to digitize advanced M&E processes (and deal with the new challenges). CLM Consultants Ltd facilitates developing BI solution key features, which can be published routine data online, scheduled & ad-hoc reporting, interactive visualization to share with the public and other stakeholders.
  • IT solutions: From online surveys to mobile data collection, CLM Consultants Ltd develops and advises you on digital solutions that can improve the collection and analysis of your evaluation data.


Learning moments are the retention of information for future references including tacit knowledge.

  • Adaptive strategies that facilitate practical learning.
  • Enhancing the culture of curiosity is the first step to the creation of a learning culture.
  • Facilitate integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the data collection, reporting, and analysis