Mr. Pantaleon Shoki is a graduate in economics. He has attended a wide range of postgraduate training opportunities including social sector analysis, an initiative of the World Bank under its IDF grant. The purpose of the program was to build the analytical capacity of Tanzania nationals. As a Social Sector Analyst, he has obtained good experience in research design and management as well as in data analysis and presentations using different soft wares such as STATA, SPSS, Ms-Excel,Ms-Word, Ms-Access, Ms-PowerPoint, and MsProject Mr. Shoki has held various positions and responsibilities with a number of international and local organizations in Tanzania. Since 1993 up to 1998, the World Bank has engaged Mr. Shoki into different research projects. The positions and responsibilities ranged from being a supervisor (in Tanzania Human Resource Development Survey, Tanzania Systematic Client Consultations, which covered various regions and districts) to a full consultant as a local staff of the World Bank in Tanzania (in the economic and social work study, which was conducted in six regions of mainland Tanzania. He was also a researcher for the World Bank/WHO/UNDP special program for research and training (in a study on Exemption Mechanisms for the Poor in Tanzania) responsible for fieldwork supervision managing a group of research assistants.